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Elliot Little

We live in a beautiful place.

Photography has allowed me to explore this beauty more deeply and to share it with others. 

My first serious interest in photography started when I was a graduate student in biochemistry at Berkeley back in the late 60’s. I had the opportunity to purchase a good quality camera and use the darkroom in the lab. Later as a biology teacher, I enjoyed photographing wild flowers and intertidal invertebrates. In the various twists and turns of that time, I let my camera go - reluctantly. 
During my 45 + years in Northern California I have been soaking in the beauty that surrounds us. In the last twenty years I have refocused on photography making use of my interest in computers and ever improving digital cameras to celebrate those images.


For me Photography is...

Going to – or discovering – a special place.

For the ephemeral, it might be a race.

Sometimes what’s seen is a matter of chance.

While getting the right angle’s a special dance.


On the computer there’s more to explore

Often seeing beauty not seen before.

Sharing it with others is a great deal of fun.

I salute the artist in everyone.

Contact Information

Email:                            Phone:  707-489-3756

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